Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Persimmon Hill Campground at Enid Lake MS May 2017

Enid Lake MS
My husband's company held their picnic this year at Enid Lake.  We took this opportunity to stay at one of the COE campgrounds for the weekend.  Persimmon Hill campground is a very nice COE campground that recently got upgraded with sewer hookups.  It has been a couple of years since we have been here.  For my first review, see Persimmon Hill Campground - Enid Lake MS.

Persimmon Hill campground Enid Lake MS
On this trip, we stayed at site #16.  Like most of the sites here, there is ample room between the sites.  

Persimmon Hill campground Enid Lake

Persimmon Hill campground Enid Lake MS

Enid Lake is known for its crappie fishing and since we got a new boat this year, we scouted out some of the boat ramps around the lake.  McCurdy Point is the
Enid Lake MS
boat ramp behind the ranger station.  It has a large fish cleaning station and a floating dock.

The company picnic was held at one of the group shelters below the dam.  It was a great picnic with a live band, bouncies for the kids, corn hole games, bingo, homemade ice cream, a cake walk and a petting zoo.
miniature Jersey cow

ice cream maker

Regular price is $20 per night for full hookups (elec, water, sewer).  There is a dump station and 2 bath house buildings.  Some of the sites are reserveable and some are first-come, first-served.  There is an information island in the campground that is updated with available sites for campers without a reservation.

We really like this campground and will most certainly be back in the future.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Oak Grove Campground at Sardis Lake Revisited

Our first camping trip of 2017 was Easter weekend at Oak Grove campground at Sardis Lake in Mississippi.  We have stayed at this campground several times and I have written about it before here and here 

This is an Army COE first-come, first-serve only campground, for now anyway.  It looks like they are making some improvements like sewer hookups.  It makes me wonder if they will start taking reservations like the other COE campgrounds in the North MS area.  
Oak Grove Campground Sardis Lake

As schools were out for Good Friday, this was a busy camping weekend at Sardis Lake.  We arrived Thursday afternoon and by Friday, the campground was near capacity.

Site 21 Oak Grove campground
This time we stayed at site #21.  It was a nice spacious site but had little shade on the "living room" side in the afternoon.

In addition to the sewer improvements that are underway, a boat dock with benches was added for Oak Grove campers only.
boat dock Oak Grove campground

boat dock Oak Grove campground

The weather was near perfect and we really enjoyed getting away for the weekend.

Engineer Point boat ramp Sardis Lake

Sardis Lake overlook

Monday, November 14, 2016

Tanglefoot Trail from Pontotoc, MS

Tanglefoot Trail Pontotoc MS
Tanglefoot Trail is a Rails-to-Trails bike/walk trail in north MS.  At 43.6 miles, Tanglefoot Trail is the longest Rails-to-Trails bikeway in Mississippi.  

We found out about this bike trail when we were planning a camping trip to Trace State Park.  We biked along Tanglefoot Trail from the trailhead in
Tanglefoot Trail Pontotoc MS
Pontotoc, MS.  The trailhead in Pontotoc is a nice rest stop if you started at some other point along the trail.  There are restrooms, water fountains and a place for bike repairs.

Tanglefoot Trail Pontotoc MS

Tanglefoot Trail Pontotoc MS

We parked at Reeder Farm Supply which is across from the trailhead.  This is a rural area and a farming community, so when the feed store is open, please ask
Reeder Farm Supply Pontotoc MS
if you can use their parking.  They were very nice and thanked us for asking.

The first day we rode north 5 miles towards New Albany.  This route will take you through part of Pontotoc.  There are quite a few road crossings in town so please pay attention to traffic.
Tanglefoot Trail

Tanglefoot Trail

The next day we rode a little over 5 miles from the Pontotoc trailhead north to the Algoma trailhead.  In my opinion, this was a more scenic portion.

Tanglefoot Trail

Tanglefoot Trail Algoma MS

There was a nice little rest area between Pontotoc and Algoma with a picnic table and fix-it station.

Tanglefoot Trail

Tanglefoot Trail is a tremendous asset to the communities through which it passes.  If I lived closer, I would be biking on this trail as much as possible.  We enjoyed it so much that we plan on biking a few miles at a time so we can see all of it.

Trace State Park (2016)

We were able to take a few days to do an extended camping trip so we decided to go back to Trace State Park between Tupelo and Pontotoc, MS.  We were here 4 years ago when we had our bumper-pull camper.  I wrote about our stay in the Deer Run Loop. The last mile of road before you get to the campground is VERY rough.  There are lots of potholes to dodge.  

Trace State Park space 26

This time, we stayed in space 26 in the Eagle Ridge Loop.  These campsites have water, electricity and sewer hookups.  

Trace State Park Eagle Ridge loop

The bathhouse in Eagle Ridge loop has to be the cleanest and nicest one I have seen in a state campground.  In addition to the bathrooms and
Trace State Park Eagle Ridge bathouse
showers, there is also a laundry ($1.00 each for wash and dry) and a meeting room.

Trace State Park lake
They had to draw down the water to repair the levee plus we have been experiencing a drought in north MS so the water level is way down.  The boat ramps were closed because the water was so low.

campground grill
This campground has what I call "good grills".  These are the kind of grills with a cut-out in the front slot so the top flips up.  It allows for easier charcoal pouring and cleaning out.  I wish all campgrounds had this type of grill instead of the kind where you can't flip the top up.

Trace State Park trail
Trace State Park is known for its trails.  We walked the 1 mile loop known as the Jason M. Stewart Trail. 

They also have many miles of multi-use trails called Warrior Trails.  These trails are mainly used by motorcycle and ORV enthusiasts but are shared with hikers, trail bikers and horseback riders.

Trace State Park Warrior Trail campground
Since the last time were were here in 2012, Trace State Park has added a new campground loop.  This loop is named the Warrior Trail campground loop and is situated close to the trails.  These sites have concrete pads where the other loops are asphalt.  Most of the sites are unshaded but some are backed up to woods.  
Trace State Park ORV trail

There are stables close to this loop and the bathhouse has a hitching post.
Trace State Park stables

Warrior Trails bathouse

Trace State Park is in close proximity to a fantastic Rails-To-Trails bike/walk trail called Tanglefoot Trail.
 We started out in Pontotoc and rode 5 miles to the north one day, then 5 miles to the south another day for a total of 20 round-trip miles.  I wrote about Tanglefoot Trail here.  This is a great bike trail and I highly recommend it.

Trace State Park has a lot to offer and we look forward to staying here again.

We camped here Nov. 10-14, 2016.  Both my Sprint phone & hubby's CSpire had good reception and data coverage.  We were able to pick up a number of over the air TV stations from the Tupelo, Columbus, West Point area.
Trace State Park

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Camper Door Modifications

We've made two modifications to the door to our fifth-wheel.  One was simply an install of a store bought item and the other would qualify as a "Macgyver".

camper door modification
In my opinion, one of the best mods we have made is to simply add a grab bar to the door.  I quickly got tired of pulling out the plastic, sliding middle piece that seems to come with all camper doors.  They are generally flimsy and I was always pulling it apart while trying to close the door.  The grab bar was purchased at Camping World and it has made a huge difference.

The other door modification came about because I am too short to open the door from the outside unless I am standing on the bottom step.  In addition, Rick didn't care for sliding the plastic door piece open every time you had to open the door from the inside.

Here is our VERY low-tech solution.
camper door modification

This is a piece of a wire hanger with a plastic tip on the end.  It goes through the side of the white plastic on the inside of the door and attaches to the door latch on the other side.  
camper door modification

I added a simple piece of twine to the outside latch so I could open the door from the outside while standing on the ground.  Before, I had to stand on the corner of the bottom step so I could reach the latch.

camper door modification

Here are some other camper mods we have made.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

What Do You Do When You Go Camping?

"What do you do when you go camping?"  

The other day, someone asked me this question.  It got me to thinking that it would make a good topic for this blog.

When we go camping, we like to:

ride bikes
Trace State Park camping

go fishing
Sardis Lake spillway fishing

Wall Doxey State Park trail around lake

sit around a campfire
Cossar State Park Enid Lake

play games
corn hole game

cook outside

and just chill.

When we go to Oak Grove campground at Sardis Lake, most of the time there is a guy in a spot near the front who has one of the most elaborate set-ups for campfire cooking.  It reminds me of a chuck wagon set-up.

The main thing we like to do when we go camping is leave the "real" world behind (yardwork, housework, work work) and just be.